Pet Ownership in Apartments and Condos

Want a pet? For seniors and 50+ that are contemplating downsizing and moving from a house to a condo or seniors apartment, or already live in a seniors apartment building or community, be aware of your rights and responsibilities as a pet owner before adopting a pet.

Most condominiums and apartment buildings have policies to ensure that your pet ownership is responsible so it does not affect the pleasure of other owners. Having a pet can be one of the most soul soothing relationships and yield many mental and physical health benefits for some people (especially seniors who may live alone), while it can present itself as a nuisance to others. Learning to coexist in the same building requires understanding and responsibility from both pet owners and non-pet owners.

The Rules

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Most condominium associations have a few hard and fast rules, for example Waterview Condominiums in Grimsby, Ontario (Grimsby is located near Hamilton & Stoney Creek Ontario, near the Niagara Peninsula) has a maximum pet size rule. This rule is meant to bridge the gap from the amazing benefits of pet ownership and yet create an environment conducive to the enjoyment of the facilities by all condo/apartment owners.

Other rules regarding pets are generally posted by the municipality the condominium is located in. For instance, the Town of Grimsby, Ontario requires dog licensing of all dogs within the town, which differs based on whether the pet is sterile or not. There is also a dangerous dog regulation that states extra care must be taken by pet owners of pets that have bitten or attacked another person or animal without provocation.

Another responsible owner rule is one that most are already aware of; stoop and scoop. All animal feces should be immediately removed by the pet owner and placed in a bag in a trash receptacle. This of course helps support a clean, hygienic environment for the enjoyment of all.

Great Pet Area

For wanna-be dog owners, ideally your apartment or condominium is located near walking trails or parks, allowing you to be stay active and healthy with your pet by exploring these areas. Having a dog can be the stimulus for many retired people and senior citizens, to get outdoors for a walk and enjoy nature.

As in many municipalities and counties, the Town of Grimsby also requires all pets to be leashed when not on their own property and will be impounded by animal control officers if found running at large. This of course is a simple courtesy to non-owners and should be done everywhere unless you are visiting the nearby off-leash dog park. With so much park and natural areas nearby, you and your pet will be able to enjoy great walks among various nature areas.

Top 3 Condo Pet Ownership Tips

If you are excited to move into a new apartment or condominium, and just as excited to embark on a new pet ownership adventure as well, be sure to follow these tips to keep your pet, you and your neighbours happy.

  1. Consider a breed that maxes out at the limit imposed by the condo/apartment policy, and it’s expected/optimal activity requirements. Think about the activity level of your pet in concert with your own activity level; you would not necessarily want a breed that requires active exercise daily if you yourself are not prepared for the daily exercise as well.
  2. Training your new puppy in a condo apartment will take extra time to get from your unit to outdoors, so consider a lower floor. Proper crate training may be best to ensure a happy pet if you are away from them for long periods of time.
  3. Take time to understand what a condo responsible pet owner is to ensure you, your pet and neighbours all have the same quality of life.


Responsible Pet Ownership for Apartment and Condo Dwellers  – Courtesy of Waterview Condominiums & LJM Developments.

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