Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs

There are over 700 common house and garden plants (shrubs, trees, perennial and annual flowers) that are dangerous or toxic to dogs. Lilies are especially toxic to dogs. This infographic from highlights some of the most dangerous decorative flowers and plants for dogs. Not only are these toxic for dogs, some of them are poisonous and can be lethal for your pet.  

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To sum up, some of the most dangerous/toxic plants for your dog include flower bulbs such as crocus, hyacinth, and different types of lilies; as well as the annual morning glory vine, and perennials and shrubs such as yew, azaleas, rhododendron, japanese pieris, oleander, hydrangea, foxglove, larkspur, lupine, and elephants ear. If your dog has the run of the backyard, then keep these plants out of it. 

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