Happy Thanksgiving Day, USA!

It’s turkey time in the United States of America! Younger baby boomers (and their children and grandchildren) may find it hard to believe that there was a time when you couldn’t buy a frozen turkey, boxed stuffing, or pre-prepared gravy. The earnest ladies in this vintage instructional video from the 1950s not only explain how to prepare and cook a frozen turkey, but how to make home-made stuffing and gravy from scratch. As a bonus they explain how to cook a turkey casserole, prepare a turkey almond salad, or baked turkey pinroll sandwiches, with left-overs from your Thanksgiving dinner. 

thanksgiving day, canada, america, celebration of thanksgiving day, celebrate thanksgiving, happy thanksgiving day, top 10 thanksgiving moments from television, a charlie brown thanksgiving, wkrp in cincinnati, friends, 50+, baby boomers, seniorsIf you haven’t been in a modern grocery store in the last 60 years, this video may be a revelation to you. Now your, your family and friends, can sit down to enjoy a traditional North American Thanksgiving Day fare – turkey, stuffing, and gravy – or whatever you choose to eat, in celebration of Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.

(Photo: whatsdifferentincanada.tumblr.com)

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