Happy September 22nd Birthday!

Do you share a September 22 birthday with these famous senior citizens?   

Rosamunde Pilcher is 92 – Nonagenarian senior citizen and British novelist born Sept. 22, 1924.

Paul Le Mat is 71 – Actor (American Graffitti) and septuagenarian senior citizen born Sept. 22, 1945.

Gail Bowen is 74 – Septuagenarian Canadian senior citizen and mystery writer born Sept. 22, 1942

David Coverdale is 65 – Whitesnake rock singer and new senior citizen born Sept. 22, 1951.

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  Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on September 22, 2016!

And Remembering

erich von stroheim 1922, nee erich oswald stroheim, austrian american, movie screenwriter, movie director, movie actor, 1900s movies, silent movies, blind husbands, old heidelberg, the social secretary, the unbeliever, the hun within, heart of humanity, 1920s movies, the devils passkey, foolish wives, merry go round, greed, the merry widow, the wedding march, queen kelly, 1930s movies, the honeymoon, the lost squadron, fugitive road, the crime of doctor crespi, la grande illusion, boys school, it happened in gibraltar, 1940s movies, five graves to cairo, the great flamarion, scotland yard investigator, 1950s movies, sunset boulevard, napoleon, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, famous people birthdays, september 22 birthday, born september 22 1885, died may 12 1957, celebrity deathsErich von Stroheim (nee Erich Oswald Stroheim)

Austrian-American movie screenwriter, director & actor (The Merry Widow; Greed; The Wedding March; The Honeymoon; Foolish Wives; The Crime of Dr. Crespi; Five Graves to Cairo; Sunset Boulevard) (born Sept. 22, 1885 – died May 12, 1957; age 71). Erich von Stroheim had cancer before he died. (Erich von Stroheim 1922 Foolish Wives Photo: Universal | Wikimedia PD)

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