Happy October 29th Birthday!

Do you share an October 29 birthday with these famous senior citizens?   

David Brigati is 76 – Septuagenarian senior citizen, American singer for The Starlighters and The Young Rascals, born Oct. 29, 1940.

Melba Moore is 71 – American septuagenarian senior, actress, and singer (You Stepped Into My Life) born Oct. 29, 1945.

Richard Dreyfus is 69 – American actor (Jaws, The Goodbye Girl, Mr. Holland’s Opus) and senior citizen born Oct. 29, 1947.

Kate Jackson is 68 – Senior citizen, director, producer, and actress (Charlie’s Angels, Scarecrow & Mrs. King) born Oct. 29, 1948

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   Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on October 29, 2016!

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