Happy 68th Birthday, Gregg Allman

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Enjoy this vintage I’m No Angel video, which could have been the title of baby boomer Gregg Allman‘s 2012 autobiography (instead titled My Cross to Bear).

This blues and rock singer/songwriter was born on December 8, 1947 in Nashville, Tennessee and turns 68 today.

(Gregg Allman 1975 Photo: Paragon Agency | Wikipedia | Public Domain)

In addition to struggling with drug and alcohol abuse for much of his life, Gregg Allman has survived a number of life-threatening illnesses since entering his sixties.

In 2007 he contracted hepatitis C; according to Allman, caused by a dirty tattoo needle. Liver tumours were discovered in 2008, followed by a liver transplant in 2010. He was sidelined again with an upper respiratory condition that curtailed a 2011 European tour, and subsequently underwent lung surgery.

As a senior citizen now, Gregg Allman underwent his most recent rehab for addiction in 2012. He has atrial fibrillation and as a result keeps his touring schedule light, but does continue to perform – check his website for tour dates and locations. Below, Gregg Allman in concert in 2011. 

gregg allman 2011, senior citizen, american musician, southern rock music (Gregg Allman 2011 Photo: Alberto Cabello | Flickr Some rights reserved)

In a July 2015 interview with Alan Paul for The Wall Street Journal, Gregg Allman says he is now following a gluten-free diet and juice health protocol. He also briefly referenced his senior years, growing older and a 2014 tribute concert that inspired him:  

I won’t do anything for more than five hours anymore because I get tired and don’t trust my brain, but in that time my band can learn eight songs….I was inspired to see that man (Sam Moore, of Sam and Dave) singing like that at age [79]. I’ve often worried about my chops disappearing when I turn 70 or something but that man sings just as good as he ever did. That was really encouraging. “

Today the currently single Gregg Allman (he’s been married and divorced 6 times, including a brief marriage to Cher in the 70’s that produced son Elijah Blue Allman) lives near Savannah Georgia with his fiancee of 3 years, Shannon Williams (40 years his junior). Allman is a grandfather courtesy of his 5 grown children, 4 of whom – Michael Allman, Devon Allman, Elijah Blue Allman and Layla Allman – work in the music industry. Daughter Delialah Allman is now married (last name Kurtom) and works as a nurse.

Happy 68th Birthday, Gregg Allman!

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