Exploring Beautiful Niagara Escarpment Views

Grimsby Ontario and WatervieW Condos are nestled between the fabulous and magnificent Niagara Escarpment to the south, with views of Lake Ontario to the north. The Niagara escarpment, the longest and most prominent of all escarpments in the Great Lakes Basin, provides an astonishing amount of beauty, activities and natural wonders for those that like to go exploring.

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Beamer Conservation Area Trails

Waterview & the Escarpment

At Waterview Condos, the only high rise in Grimsby, you can have an amazing unobstructed view of the surrounding escarpment to the south from their condo apartments. The massive Niagara Escarpment is an uplifted landmass that stretches from New York State across Ontario, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois, making a snaking 1600 kilometre natural area that is unrivalled in the area. The escarpment stretch from Niagara Falls to Hamilton ranges in height from 183 to 189 metres above sea level. With the amazing Bruce Trail running through the escarpment to the south, and a quality trail system that is protected, this view will never change.

The Escarpment provides an amazing relief view to the south. With the greenery also come amazing amenities for all to enjoy within a very short drive and manageable bicycle ride. This natural wonder can be seen across all of Southern Ontario from the Niagara Falls to ‘the Mountain’ as it’s called in Hamilton, all the way to Tobermory.

However, in Grimsby, the escarpment provides a natural backdrop and amazing trail, hiking and cycling opportunities for families and individuals, from younger to older adults and fit seniors. 

What the Escarpment Provides

The Escarpment provides a naturalized setting for the Bruce Trail a, 782 kilometre trail from Niagara Falls to Tobermory. In the Grimsby Area the Bruce Trail runs through the Beamer Valley, over Forty Mile Creek and then heads up to the top of the escarpment. Up top it offers four lookout towers for amazing views of Grimsby, Lake Ontario and the Escarpment. An annual hawk migration can also be witnessed from these viewpoints.

Beamer Conversation Area

The most popular access point for the Bruce Trail is the Beamer Memorial Conservation Area that is the most popular spot for watching the hawk migration. With picnic tables, parking and a watch tower it is a great place to take the family. There are also washrooms available at this site.

Forty Mile Creek Side Trail

For those fortunate enough to live on the Waterfront Trail (such as the folks in the Waterview Condo complex), you have direct access to the Bruce Trail. The Waterfront Trail is connected to the Bruce Trail through this short side trail that passes over the infamous Forty Mile Creek. A perfect day could start at the beginning of this trail at the waterfront and end at the Bruce Trail. 

Trail Clubs

With the Niagara Bruce Trail Club and the Iroquois Bruce Trail Club those interested in hiking adventures, bird watching and other events of these organizations should become involved in the local area. Fun outdoor activities for retirees, 50+, baby boomers and seniors to get involved in.

These spectacular areas and the Escarpment are part of a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, only 1 of 12 in Canada recognizing its significance as a natural feature of the land and supporting many habitats and animals in its environs.

Try looking at the serene Niagara Escarpment and not seeing its beauty.

Exploring Beautiful Niagara Escarpment Views – Courtesy of Waterview Condominiums & LJM Developments.

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