Do Something for Seniors

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Do Something is a unique organization which targets young people interested in effecting social change, by running campaigns to positively impact causes. They’ve run quite a few campaigns to stimulate ideas and action to help improve the lives and mental health of seniors.

Here’s are the top 3 factoids (from a list of 11) that Do Something shares about seniors mental health & senior citizens in America:


  1. Depression affects 15 out of every 100 American adults age 65 or older.
  2. Seniors who exercise have better physical health and experience less anxiety and depression. Host a dance party at your local senior center to improve physical and mental health for the seniors in your community. Sign up for Dancing With the Seniors!
  3. In 2001, 4.4 million Americans were over the age of 85, and it is estimated that by 2050, 20 million Americans will be over 85

For the full article and to see the many different campaigns/ideas already generated to help improve the lives of and mental health of seniors, check out their website,  and search “seniors” for a complete list of current articles.