Celebrating Seniors – Manfred Mann turns 75

5 vintage Manfred Mann covers in celebration of his 75th birthday today: Do Wah Diddy Diddy, Sha La La, Pretty Flamingo, The Mighty Quinn, and Blinded by the Light.

Jewish South African born keyboardist Manfred Mann was born Manfred Lubowitz on October 21, 1940 in Johannesburg. Manfred studied music at University (Witwatersrand) and worked in clubs as a jazz pianist, a style that has infused his career. Manfred founded South Africa’s first rock and roll band the Vikings in 1959 with Sayl Ozynski, and recorded two albums. Opposed to South Africa’s apartheid policies, he moved to the United Kingdom in 1961.

manfred mann, manfred lubowitz, baby boomers, mike hugg, paul jones, do wah diddy diddy, sha la la, pretty flamingoOnce in the UK, Manfred changed his last name to Mann and formed the Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers jazz-blues band in 1962 with Mike Hugg, a drummer and keyboard player. Paul Jones joined the band in 1962 and became their lead singer and harmonica player. After signing with EMI in 1963 the band changed their name to Manfred Mann and comprised of additional band members Mike Vickers (guitar, sax and flute) and Dave Richmond (bass guitar), began producing hit records and singles. Right photo courtesy SAT MAG: Manfred Mann the group with Manfred Mann in the centre and lead singer on the left beside/behind him; Tom McGuinness, Mike Vickers and Mike Hugg.

Manfred Mann’s first big hit was a cover tune of the Exciter’s Do Wah Diddy in 1964, that resonated with baby boomers. The Manfred Mann band version sung by Paul Jones was an international hit, reaching #1 in the US, UK & Canada, and hitting the top 5 in many other countries. Below, Manfred Mann the group performing Do Wah Diddy Diddy on Shingding.

The Manfred Mann cover (below, featuring singer Paul Jones) of the Shirelle’s Sha La La song in 1964 made it to #3 in the UK and #12 in the US and Canada

Pretty Flamingo, written by Mark Barkan, was the next #1 UK hit (a top 30 hit in the US). Below, Manfred Mann’s version of Pretty Flamingo, featuring lead singer Paul Jones on vocals. 

manfred mann, manfred lubowitz, baby boomers, mike hugg, michael d'abo, the mighty quinnIn mid-1966 Paul Jones left the Manfred Mann band to go solo, and was replaced by lead singer Michael d’Abo. Right photo: dailymail.co.uk – Michael D’Abo with the band.

Manfred Mann released more albums and singles, including their 1968 cover of the Bob Dylan‘s The Mighty Quinn (below), which made it to #1 in the UK and #10 in the US.  

After Manfred Mann the group split up in 1969, Manfred Mann promptly formed a jazz-rock band called Manfred Mann Chapter Three, again with Mike Hugg. Two albums later this group also disbanded.

In 1971 Manfred Mann’s Earth Band was formed – and is still performing today in 2015, 44 years later, with senior citizen Manfred Mann at the helm. Several songs by the band have been Top 100 hits, but their 1976 cover (below) of Bruce Springsteen’s Blinded By The Light (below, with Chris Thompson on guitar and vocals) remains their biggest hit – making it to #1 in the US and #6 in the UK: 

A self-described family man, according to a 2014 interview by Richard Webber for Express.co.uk, Manfred Mann is now a septuagenarian senior citizen and widower. He has 2 children from his first marriage and divides his time between London and Sweden, where his current partner Jeannette lives.

Nowadays, I don’t like travelling away from home for long periods. I’m still gigging with Manfred Mann’s Earth Band.manfred mann, manfred lubowitz, the vikings, baby boomers, septuagenarian, senior citizen, mike hugg, mann-hugg blues brothers, paul jones, michael d'abo, manfred mann chapter three, manfred mann's earth band, do wah diddy diddy, sha la la, pretty flamingo, the mighty quinn, blinded by the lightManfred Mann 2014 photo above: express.co.uk

Happy 75 Birthday, Manfred Mann!

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