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  • platform bird feeder, covered bird feeder

    Bird feeders come in many different types. And it seems in addition to birds loving them, almost all of them (with a few exceptions) are also favoured by squirrels and chimunks.                 Tube bird feeders -are best for small birds like nuthatches, finches. Above, two different types of […]

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  • birdhouse, bird house, eastern bluebird

    Common backyard birds in North America that will use birdhouses are wrens, chickadees, titmice, and bluebirds; and other types of birds can also be attracted to birdhouses, according to National Wildlife. If you’re a nature-loving 50+, retiree or senior with time on your hands, put up a birdhouse so you can admire your outdoor feathered […]

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  • ruby-throated hummingbird, birds, feeding birds, bird feeders

    Seniors and retirees that are avid gardeners and bird lovers want to know how to attract birds (and what kind of birds will be attracted) to your home garden or yard – by providing them with the 3 basic necessities of bird life: Ruby-throated Hummingbird (Photo: 1. Bird Food, Naturally! Most birds have a […]

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