Why Senior City®, Inc. Exists

Between now and 2030+, the “senior” population (including people age 50+ with elderly parents, and/or looking ahead at retirement and the future for themselves) will continue to grow rapidly and account for a significant share of the population in most developed countries. The 50+ “Baby Boomers” & “Zoomers”, and senior citizens, are and will continue to be a force in the marketplace. As seniors adapt to new lifestyles, face new challenges, and have new needs and “wants” – they need a ONE STOP place to easily locate resources, services, products, events, deals/discounts and more, that are of special interest to an aging demographic.

At the same time, many new products and services, government resources and non-profit organizations and support services, are being developed to meet the needs and wants of retirees and seniors….and they need a ONE STOP place to reach that senior and 50+ age group with  this important information.

Senior City®, Inc. provides that ONE STOP designation for both groups….It is the

ONE STOP info source for 50+


Our Senior City®, Inc. Mission & Mascot

To be the ONE STOP information source for the 50+ demographic and target audience.

 senior city, sunny    Named in a 2014 user contest, the Senior City™, Inc. Mascot is “Sunny” 


Senior City®, Inc. is a Member of the Local Chamber of Commerce

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