SAD? This Light Therapy Lamp Pilot May Help

If you live in the Hamilton, Ontario area, have the winter blues and are feeling SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), the Hamilton Public LIbrary’s Light Therapy Lamp Pilot may benefit you. 

Effective February 7, 2017, Hamilton Public Library is making light therapy lamps available to customers on a pilot basis at three of its locations:

  • Central Library, 55 York Boulevard, 3rd Floor
  • Terryberry Branch, 100 Mohawk Road West
  • Westdale Branch, 955 King Street West

What is Light Therapy?

A light therapy box or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) lamp uses a fluorescent light with a typical dose of 10,000 lux (measurement of light intensity). Light therapy aims to copy outdoor light which researchers believe causes a chemical change in the brain that lessens the symptoms of SAD. For some people, light therapy offers relief from SAD. All customers are encouraged to check with their healthcare professional if they have any concerns about using the lamp.

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