Learning to Live with Alzheimer’s

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Photo by: Michael Bell, Regina Leader-Post

Roxanne Varey was only 51 in November of 2013 when she was diagnosed with an aggressive, terminal form of Alzheimer’s and given a remaining life expectancy of less than 9 years. Since then, she has been learning to live with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Varey had been noticing a loss of strength on one side of her body, shaking, and problems with motor skills – symptoms similar to having had a mild stroke. After having difficulty speaking and remembering information, she went to see a doctor. Roxanne and her husband of 8 years, Michael Varey look at the future in  6 month intervals in order to assess changes and how much help she requires. January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Find Alzheimer’s information, resources, education, support and counselling at the Alzheimer Society of Canada website. Read the full article about Roxanne (by Terrence McEachern) here

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