Happy September 25th Birthday!

If you were born on September 25, you share a birthday with these famous people: 

Ian Tyson is 83

Octogenarian senior citizen, Canadian writer, poet, and singer-songwriter born September 25, 1933.

Josh Taylor is 73

American actor (Days of Our Lives, Valerie) and septuagenarian senior born September 25, 1943

Michael Douglas is 72

Academy Award winning actor, producer, and septuagenarian senior citizen born September 25, 1944.

Cheryl Tiegs is 68

American fashion designer, former supermodel, and senior citizen born September 25, 1947.

Mark Hamill is 65

Star Wars actor (Luke Skywalker) is a new senior citizen, born September 25, 1951.


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Happy Birthday everyone celebrating their birthday on September 25, 2016!

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