Happy November 25th Birthday!

Do you share an November 25 birthday with these famous senior citizens?   

Matt Clark is 80 – American director and character actor (The Outlaw Josey Wales, Brubaker), and new octogenarian senior citizen born Nov. 25, 1936

Julie Smith is 72 – Septuagenarian senior and American mystery novelist (Skip Langdon series, Rebecca Schwartz series) born Nov. 25, 1944.

Marc Brown is 70 – American children’s author, illustrator, and creator of the Arthur books & TV series, and new septuagenarian senior citizen born Nov. 25, 1946.

John Larroquette is 69 – Senior citizen, and Emmy Award-winning American actor (Night Court, Black Sheep Squadron) born Nov. 25, 1947.

Bucky Dent is 65 – New senior citizen, American League shortstop and World Series MVP nee Russell Earl O’Dey, born Nov. 25, 1951.

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   Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on November 25, 2016!

And remembering

Joe DiMaggio, American Baseball Hall of Famer, and MLB center fielder for the New York Yankees (Nov. 25, 1914 – Mar. 8, 1999; age 84)

Ricardo Montalban, American Emmy Award-winning actor (How the West Was Won, Fantasy Island, The Colbys) (Nov. 25, 1920 – Jan. 14, 2009; age 88).

Percy Sledge, American soul and R&B singer of When a Man Loves a Woman and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer (Nov. 25, 1940 – Apr. 14, 2015; age 74).

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