Happy November 24th Birthday!

Do you share an November 24 birthday with these famous senior citizens?   

Eric Wilson is 76 – Canadian youth adventure fiction writer (Tom and Liz Austen series) and septuagenarian senior citizen born Nov. 24, 1940

Billy Connolly is 74 – Septuagenarian senior citizen, Scottish comedian and actor (Mrs. Brown) born Nov. 24, 1942.

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 Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on November 24, 2016!

And remembering

Howard Duff, blacklisted American radio, film and TV actor (Mr. Adams and Eve, Felony Squad, Flamingo Road) (Nov. 24, 1913 – July 8, 1990; age 76).

Harry Kemelman, American mystery writer of the Rabbi David Small series (Nov. 24, 1908 – Dec. 15, 1996; age 88).

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