Happy January 5th Birthday!

 If you were born on January 5, you share a birthday with these famous seniors:

robert duvall, senior citizen, octogenarian, actor, movies, true grit, to kill a mockingbird, apocalypse now, tender mercies, television, lonesome dove, gods and generals, january 5 birthday, born on jan 5 1931, celebrity birthdayRobert Duvall is 86

Octogenarian senior citizen and Academy Award-winning American actor in movies (To Kill A Mockingbird, True Grit, Apocalypse Now, Tender Mercies), on stage and TV (Lonesome Dove, Gods and Generals) born Jan. 5, 1931. (Robert Duvall/True Grit Photo: Did You See That One?)

diane keaton, actress, movies, movie star, play it again sam, annie hall, father of the bride, baby boom, something's gotta give, television, the godfather saga, septuagenarian, senior citizen, born jan 5 1946, january 5 birthday, celebrity birthdayDiane Keaton is 71

Academy Award-winning American actress on stage (Play It Again, Sam), TV (The Godfather Saga) and film (Annie Hall, Father of the Bride, Baby Boom, Something’s Gotta Give), director, producer, and septuagenarian senior citizen born Jan. 5, 1946. (Diane Keaton Photo: Suzanne Tenner)

ted lange, senior citizen, actor, television, the love boat, celebrity fit club, movies, record city, the naked truth, january 5 birthday, celebrity birthday, born jan 5 1948Ted Lange is 69

American director, screenwriter, actor on TV (The Love Boat, Celebrity Fit Club) and movies (Record City, The Naked Truth), sex and advice columnist (Ask Isaac), and senior citizen born Jan. 5, 1948. (Ted Lange Photo: DVD Talk)

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 Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on January 5, 2016!

And remembering

umberto eco, author, writer, novelist, the name of the rose, octogenarian, senior citizen, died feb 19 2016, born jan 5 1932, january 5 birthday, celebrity death, senior citizen, celebrity birthdayUmberto Eco

Italian philosopher, professor, and author (The Name of the Rose) and octogenarian senior citizen (born January 5, 1932 – died February 19, 2016; age 84). Cause of death for Umberto Eco was pancreatic cancer. (Photo: Pinterest)

 jane wyman, 1953, january 4 birthday, born jan 4 1917, senior citizen, celebrity birthday, movie star birthday, actress, academy award, movies, johnny belinda, brother rat, magnificent obsession, television, falcon crest, died sept 10 2007Jane Wyman

Academy Award-winning American actress on stage, TV (Falcon Crest) and film (Johnny Belinda, Brother Rat, Magnificent Obsession) (born Jan. 5, 1917 – died Sept. 10, 2007; age 90). Cause of death for Jane Wyman was natural causes. (Jane Wyman Photo: Eiganotomo)

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