Happy December 21st Birthday!

If you were born on December 21, you share a birthday with these famous seniors:

Phil Donahue is 81 – Octogenarian senior citizen and American producer, writer, and talk show host (The Phil Donahue Show) born Dec. 21, 1935.

Jane Fonda is 79 – American activist, model, writer, and actress in the movies (Klute, On Golden Pond, Cat Ballou) and on TV (Grace and Frankie) born Dec. 21, 1937.

Larry Bryggman is 78 – Emmy Award-winning American actor on TV (As the World Turns), stage, and movies (…And Justice for All) born Dec. 21, 1938

Josh Mostel is 70 – New septuagenarian senior citizen, American actor on stage, TV and in the movies (Herod in Jesus Christ, Superstar; Stoogemania) born Dec. 21, 1946.

Samuel L. Jackson is 68 – American senior citizen, produce and actor in movies (Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction, Unbreakable) born Dec. 21, 1948.

Michael Horse is 65 – New senior citizen, Native American artist, jeweler, and TV actor (Twin Peaks, North of 60), born Dec. 21, 1951.

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 Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating their birthday on December 21, 2016!

And remembering

Ed Nelson, American actor on stage, movies and television (Dr. Rossi on Peyton Place; Capital) (born Dec. 21, 1928 – Aug. 9, 2014; age 85). 

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