Happy Canada Day & the Farmer’s Song

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Celebrating Canada Day with the classic 1970’s Farmer’s Song, sung by a classy Canadian singer-songwriter, Murray McLauchlan – who turned 67 yesterday, June 30th 2015. Is there anything more Canadian than the farmers that work to put the food on our tables?  

Canadian baby boomers will remember Murray McLauchlan from his heyday in the 70’s. He’s a senior citizen now, a heart bypass surgery survivor (in 2004, when he was 56), and has released several albums since then. He still performs live in smaller venues, so if you want to catch a true Canadian with a great back catalog of folk music, find him online. Murray McLauchlan is performing in Nova Scotia in mid-July, 2015 – a great time to visit Canada’s maritime provinces.

Happy Canada Day!

Happy 67th Birthday, Murray McLauchlan

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