Christmas Safety Rules for Dogs and Pets

Do you have any more holiday/seasonal pet safety tips to add to this list?

Something to always be aware of as we age and particularly for seniors, is the danger of dropping medication on the floor. Most dogs will eat almost anything and pills are no exception, so be extra careful with your medication if you have a pet. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season with your pet!

Animal Friends in the UK created this infographic for dog and pet safety during the Christmas holiday season. 


Top 12 Pet Safe Tips for Christmas

  1. Never give a pet as a Christmas gift.
  2. Ensure your pet is secured in a seatbelt/harness or carrier when travelling.
  3. Give your pet safe presents (no loose parts or pieces that can be chewed off and ingested).
  4. Pick up and dispose of wrapping paper after gifts have been opened so pet’s don’t lick or eat it.
  5. Some pets are sensitive to noise from ie Christmas crackers.
  6. Make sure decorations and particularly the Christmas tree, are well secured and won’t tip over or fall if a rambunctious pet brushes against them (or jumps into them).
  7. Electric cords and Christmas tree lights can pose a danger if pets chew on them.
  8. Chocolate is toxic for most pets, and the darker the chocolate the more toxic it is. There are many other common foods and liquids that are also unhealthy for cats and dogs.
  9. Some holiday house plants are also toxic for dogs and cats – beware of Poinsettias, Amaryllis, Holly, and Mistle Toe.
  10. Choose unbreakable decorations for areas that your pets have access to/that are within reach of them.
  11. Tinsel and ribbon are dangerous to pets if eaten.
  12. Christmas tree needles – fake or real – are sharp and dangerous to feet (human and pets) and if eaten by dogs or cats.

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