Celebrating Seniors – Neil Young is 70!

neil young 1984, canadian singer songwriterVintage 1972 live performances of Heart of Gold and Old Man by Canadian rocker and baby boomer Neil Young, who was born 70 years ago today (November 12, 1945) in Toronto, Ontario. This new septuagenarian senior citizen is still performing old classics and new material for audiences of other baby boomers (and seniors) in live concerts.

(Neil Young Photo: YouTube | Night Flight 1984)

Below, Neil Young video performing Heart of Gold (1972), from the Harvest album that year.

Old Man (1972) also from the Harvest albumabout his ranch in California and the foreman living there.

Below, senior citizen Neil Young – January 21, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  

neil young 2008, canadian singer songwriter(Neil Young Photo: YouTube | Charlie Rose 2008)

Happy 70th Birthday, Neil Young!

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