Celebrating Seniors – 89th Birthday for Jerry Lewis!

According to his official website, Jerome Levitch was born March 16, 1926, into a Newark, New Jersey family of professional entertainers. His first trip on stage came at age 5 singing, and by 15 he had a comedy routine worked out – making his debut at a Buffalo burlesque house under the name Joey Lewis, which he soon changed to Jerry Lewis.

jerry lewis 1955, american actor, comedian, 1950s movies, artists and models Jerry Lewis in Artists and Models. (Photo: YouTube | Artists and Models 1955)

At 18 Jerry Lewis married singer Patti Palmer and they were together for 36 years before divorcing in 1980. Their 5 sons (drummer & singer Gary Lewis of Gary Lewis and the Playboys; along with Ron, Scott, Chris and Anthony) have given them 7 grandchildren and one great granddaughter. Jerry Lewis has been married since 1983 to 2nd wife SanDee Pitnick, and their daughter Danielle was born in 1992 (Lewis was 66 and officially a senior citizen when Danielle Lewis was born). 

For ten years the slapstick artist Jerry Lewis and fellow actor/comedian/crooner Dean Martin were the highly successful comedy team of “Martin and Lewis“. The partnership got started on an Atlantic City stage in 1946, and after their act skyrocketed to success, the duo moved to television appearances.

At a New York City show they came to the attention of Hollywood producer Hal Wallis, who cast them in their first feature film My Friend Irma in 1949. Below, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in a scene from 1954’s Living It Up:

jerry lewis 1953, american actor, dean martin, 1950s movies, 1950s musical comedies, scared stiff, carmen mirandaJerry Lewis and Dean Martin starred in 16 Hal Wallis-produced films together and made radio, television, and stage appearances as a singing/comedy duo. Some of their films included two movies with Dorothy Malone (Peyton Place). The first was the horror-comedy-musical Scared Stiff (1953), which also had Lizabeth Scott and Carmen Miranda in the cast. 

Right, Jerry Lewis, Carmen Miranda, and Dean Martin in the Hal Wallis comedy Scared Stiff (1953). (Photo: YouTube | Scared Stiff 1953)

Lewis and Martin’s second film with Dorothy Malone was the popular comedy Artists and Models (1955), co-starring Shirley MacLaine, Eva Gabor (Green Acres), Anita Ekberg, and Jack Elam.  Below, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, and Dorothy Malone in a scene from Artists and Models.

jerry lewis 1955, american actor, 1950s movies, artists and models, dean martin, dorothy malone(Photo: YouTube | Artists and Models 1955)

The final film together for Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin was Hollywood or Bust with Pat Crowley. Although they appeared onscreen together, they were not talking to each other offscreen while it was filming. Jerry Lewis’ rising star and Martin’s decreasing importance to the act caused an estrangement for 31 years. Although they appeared briefly onscreen together in 1976 during an MDA telethon, it wouldn’t be until they were seniors and the death of Dean Martin’s son in 1987, that their friendship was renewed.

jerry lewis, dean martin, american actors, lewis and martin, 1950s movies, 1950s musicals, 1950s comedies, hollywood or bust, 1956 Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in Hollywood or Bust. (Photo: YouTube | Hollywood or Bust 1956)

In 1952 Jerry Lewis began his 58-year involvement with the Muscular Dystrophy Associations of America (MDAA), by hosting fundraising telethons. The first Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon was broadcast in 1966 from New York City and moved to Las Vegas in 1973; Jerry continued as host until 2010. During one telethon alone (2008), the charity raised over $65 million for “Jerry’s Kids”. His association with the MDA was severed in 2011 when they announced his retirement at age 84 as host of the annual telethon. Among many other accolades and honours over the years, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Price in 1977 for his efforts to fight Muscular Dystrophy.

Jerry Lewis continued to successfully act, sing, produce and direct films, and write screenplays after the professional break-up with Dean Martin in 1956. He co-starred with Dina Merrill in the comedy Don’t Give Up the Ship (1959). His comedy The Nutty Professor (1963) co-starring Stella Stevens, with Del Moore and Kathleen Freeman, has been hailed as a movie classic. Below, Jerry Lewis as Buddy Love in The Nutty Professor.

jerry lewis 1963, american comedian, actor, 1960s movies, 1960s comedies, the nutty professor (Photo: YouTube | The Nutty Professor 1963)

Thanks to baby boomers and their love for broad comedy in movies in the 50’s & 60’s, his film career didn’t start to wane until the later 1960’s. Jerry Lewis was kept busy with live stage appearances and starred in a 3 different short-lived television shows (all called The Jerry Lewis Show) throughout the 1960’s. Lewis has continued to make appearances in movies in every decade since then…a 64-year movie career! Jerry Lewis is idolized in France and has won their Best Director award 3 times since 1960.

In 1967 the University of Southern California hired Lewis as a professor and he taught film direction to grad students, which included the likes of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Jerry Lewis has won a lifetime achievement award from The American Comedy Awards, the Governors Award (an Emmy Award) from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

jerry lewis, octogenarian, senior citizen, on jimmy fallon, actor, comedian Jerry Lewis in 2014. (Photo: YouTube | Jimmy Fallon 2014)

As can be expected with aging, Jerry Lewis has had his share of health concerns over the years including prostate cancer, diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis and heart disease; he had a serious heart attack in 1982. Pratfalls from his slapstick days played havoc with his back and finally in 2002 he had a neurostimular implant to reduce his back pain.

Happy 89th Birthday Jerry Lewis!

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